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TraderStar is a Powerful professional analysis Software of a new Generation with significant advantages over similar
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8 May 2013

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This is a software that can be used for analyzing the stock market and arrive at proper trading decisions.

TraderStar is a professional analysis software for the stock market. TraderStar is suitable for a broad range of users. They can be seasoned professionals to novice traders trying to make sense of the market, do some meaningful trades and earn money for the company or at a personal level. The facilities for high level technical analysis provided by the tool could be useful to users shooting for achieving financial stability through successful trades. Business colleges can use it to teach their student about technical analysis of the stock market. Financial journalists on the other hand can try and get a perspective of the market prior to an assignment. The program can be extended. You can set up your own analysis into the models already available. Programmers in Java should be able to implement such custom analyses quite easily.

The interface is highly visual and presents graphically the results of your analysis run. It becomes that much easier to interpret the results. The program combines the abstract analysis of the stock exchanges with price dynamic based on stocks, investment funds, currencies, indexes, futures, options, etc. Though we said it is suitable for novices, such users should at least understand the basics of the technical analysis results and thus be able to make out what controls are appropriate. The interface has lots of applicable controls that are icon based. You would, particularly if you are a beginner, will certainly need some “getting familiar” time. If you migrated from some other system, then too set aside some time for getting familiar. It is a nice and handy tool for the technical analysis job.

Publisher's description

Traders can use it for high-level technical analysis:
- Regular users can use it to achieve their goal of financial stability
- Programmers can use it to write their own indicators in Java-script
- Colleges can use it in their Business and Finance curriculum
- Journalists can use it to create a more precise picture of the current events
in the world of stock exchanges
- etc.
Some TraderStar features:
Virtual Resolution: Unlimited magnifying ability of screen resolution in order to magnify the view area of spreadsheets.
Your own Indicators: It gives you the option to create your own indicators in Java-script, to test them and use them in parallel.
The Finder: To find funds, futures, options and shares using a search pattern, e.g. using the company name as a search criteria
Your own Filters: Using the TraderStar Filters, you can quickly select from thousands of stocks the exact stocks you need.
Candle Guru: Now you dont't have to learn endless combinations and practice recognizing them. TraderStar does it all by itself.
Debug: Built-in debugger to identify programming errors indicators on Java-Script.
Web Info: You can receive complete information about stocks and indexes without leaving the program.
RunningBoard: Control of the quotes in real time
Simulator: You can test your own stategies and indicators using historical data. You can model a realistic scenario without demo depot and help develop your intuition.
CSV editor which can use to improve the existing data.
Benchmarking tool, which supports the usage of the trading analysis tools.
Fundamental filter for the P/E Ratio.
Import of MetaTrader files with two modes, Overwrite and Merge.
Saving of the last application stat.
Stochastic indicator.
Data export for Microsoft Excel.
Mechanism for protection of the intellectual properties for indicators and strategy developers.
The capturing and storing of the fundamental data: P/E, PEG, EBITDA etc.
Version 1.1
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